Torus Fracture

  • Torus (from Latin word ‘tori‘ meaning a swelling or protuberance) fracture is a type of fracture in which- failure of cortex on compression side (if the fracture is not on compression side-Greenstick fracture), 2-3 cm proximal to physis & buckling at that level.
  • e.g. torus/buckling fractures of distal metaphysis of radius & ulna in small children
  • Mechanism of Injury: Indirect trauma/ fall on outstretched hand–> collapse of dorsal cortex but intact volar cortexAngulation of distal fragment dorsally
  • No deformity, as periosteum & cortex intact on opposite side of fracture
  • X-ray: careful examination of x-ray as one side cortex is intact.
  • TREATMENT: Short Arm (below elbow) Cast for 3 weeks- prevents any further injury.
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